Wilson Farm
Lexington, MA

Project scope

Expand the cut-flower operation at the basement level and expand the retail space at the street level.

1,343 sq.ft. of commercial renovation, employee break room and toilet rooms

Our charge

We are the architect-of-record for this collaborative project involving a 4,213 sq. ft. addition at the basement/service level and the addition of a 2,550 sq. ft. prefabricated steel and glass structure at the street/retail level. Steel columns and beams support prefabricated, prestressed concrete planks to cap the new basement space, half of which will be under the parking lot. The steel and glass structure is a modified greenhouse fit-up to expand the existing farm-stand retail operation.

We love to shop at Wilson Farms and have done some work for the family over the years, so we were happy to help out with this small project. The company had out-grown the old break room, and bathrooms for staff and customers were inadequate. We kept the old break room in operation while converting a storeroom into the new facility. When the new space is complete the old break room will be converted into men’s and woman’s toilet rooms..