Washington Street
Lexington, MA

Project scope

Addition and remodel of a single family home in a historic neighborhood.

First Floor Level:  
1,062 sq. ft.  existing to be renovated
539sq. ft.  addition

570 sq.ft. addition

Second Floor Level:    
936 sq. ft. existing to be renovated
980 sq. ft. addition

Attic Level:  
353 sq.ft. existing to be renovated 

Our charge

Although quite handsome, this home’s historic credentials are not blatantly obvious. At our historic neighborhood’s design review hearing, the distinctive flared rafter tails around the existing house’s hip roof were the main focus of attention. Both the client and Incite appreciated the character of the detail so we agreed to retain it and incorporate it into the major addition roofs. 

The existing building is showing its age and not up to the standards of a growing modern family. Previous renovations inserted a full bathroom into a corner of the original dining room to create a cobby first floor bedroom suite, and an odd corner-wrapping window seat in an upstairs bedroom that is in a state of imminent collapse. Our additions provide for a nice open kitchen and family room on the back, a guest suite in the right side wing, and a side entry with mudroom at the left side with the new garage. This allows us to restore the original first floor living & dining rooms. The second floor contains a new master suite with a total of four bedrooms and three bathrooms along with a new home office and laundry room. We also created a new stairway to access the finished light filled open space in the attic.

The client wants an attached garage which we incorporated as a part of our additions design. The property does have an existing detached garage which is whimsically faced with cobblestones and decorative stone details. Unfortunately it could not be attached to due to zoning restrictions but Incite talked the client into keeping this little stone structure as an accessory garden shed.