Petit Grange
Lexington, MA

Project scope

Convert and expand an abandoned 683 sq. ft. out-building into a dwelling unit to be an accessory apartment to a single-family home (986 sq. ft.)

Our charge

Limited by zoning to no more than 1000 sq. ft., the program for this accessory apartment is to serve as an artist’s retreat or temporary residence for a visiting professional. We could not expand the footprint of the building but are allowed to add a second floor, which we did over a portion of the structure. The north and east facades face neighbors while the south and west sides have expansive private views over a great meadow and woodland. We placed the fenestration accordingly to achieve a balance of light, sun, view and privacy. The plans are very simple to accommodate the flexible program. The lower ground level is raw work space/ studio/ shop opening onto a south facing terrace.