Orleans, MA

Project scope

New home and garage w/guest suite on Cape Cod. (House 3,797 sq. ft., Guest Suite 582 sq. ft.)

Our charge

At first visit to this site, one is immediately struck by the great view, due south, of Pleasant Bay. Not obvious at first is how the view broadens to the west, and even more so to the east across a broad expanse of the bay and out to the Atlantic. The proximity of the ocean is also perceived by the sound of waves on the beach. With the idea of the sound of the sea in a shell, the nautilus house was conceived to take in this sound and the spectacular views.

The main house is a thin rectangle oriented east-west to give a long south façade for optimum sun exposure and views. The north facing entry façade has limited glazing but the stair tower has corner windows high up to pull early morning and late afternoon light. The east end is rounded to extend the views to the ocean and to open the façade to the sound of the waves. The semi-detached garage is positioned to the north-east as a buffer to winter storms. The main living areas on the first floor are laid out for informal entertaining. There is additional entertaining space in the basement with direct access and exposure to outdoors. The family’s bedrooms are on the second floor and there is a home office in the attic. By siting the house carefully and spreading the program over 4 levels we were able to keep the footprint and site work to a minimum. There is a guest suite over the garage.